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CISC310N Survey

(Complete this form and post to your website; email me the URL)

Name ______Dawn Chan_______

The information on this sheet will enable me to contact you regarding any questions I may have on your programs.  If you are uncomfortable sharing this information with me, then leave that section blank.


Email address: (if any)__chand@imail.losrios.edu___


How many units are you presently enrolled at SCC? 14 units



How many semesters have you been attending SCC? Several semesters



What is your major at SCC?  Math



What are your educational goals? (Example: AA, BS, MS Certificate) BS



Are you presently employed? No



What are your major job responsibilities? 



What do you expect to learn from this class? Computer Information Science



Do you have access to a personal computer?  _Yes___


If so, what type OS(circle one)   PC Windows



If you use computers, please list below what you use the computer for


Email                           yes

Word Processing         yes

Internet                       yes

Others ______________________________________________________________




I realize that this class will require many hours each week on a computer to complete the requirements of the course.  I know that some (or all) of those hours will need to be spent in the lab on campus.  I am willing to devote the time needed to read the book, do the homework, and write the computer programs.   I will post this page to my website and email the URL to my instructor at:

Subject: Cisc310N My Name Survey